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  • Trading Partner Manager (TPM)

  • TPM Support Guides

    Exostar's Trading Partner Manager (TPM) provides complete registration life-cycle for supplier invitation and registration. Lockheed Martin uses TPM to invite new or existing MAG suppliers to access LM P2P application. Following help documents are available for suppliers to complete various tasks within TPM:

    • TPM Invitation Acceptance Guide : This guide provides a step-by-step guide to complete the invitation acceptance for access to the LM P2P application. This guide is useful for both existing MAG suppliers as well as new suppliers.
    • TPM Unsolicited Registration Reference: This quick reference guide provides quick tips on completing the unsolicited registration request for inclusion in TPM for suppliers that do not currently have a MAG account. Completing the unsolicited registration keeps the supplier information in TPM for a period of one-year from approval for consideration by Lockheed Martin.
    TPM Registration Checklist       Download
    TPM Help  Download
    TPM LM Buyer Guide  Download
    TPM Profile Recertification and Update Guide  Download
    PIM Guidance for TPM Users  Download