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      • To find, accept, or modify an Invoice or Purchase Order, click on a Product listed below?

        Supply Chain Platform - BAE SYSTEMS
          Supply Chain Platform - Boeing (BSCP)
         Supply Chain Platform - Raytheon
         Supply Chain Platform - Rolls-Royce

      • Who do I contact regarding my FIS certificate Process?

         Please review the step-by-step overview on how to obtain access.


      • How do I renew my FIS certificate or reapply for one that I have lost?

        Please review the detailed instructions on how to renew or reapply for any lost certificate(s).


      • To learn how to create a WebEx meeting, please review the step-by-step instructions below.

         Step-by-Step Instructions on how to create a WebEx meeting.


      • How do I update (“recertify”) my Trading Partner Management profile?

        Please note: Only your Organizational Administrator will have the ability to edit this information. 

        •  Login to MAG
        • Click on the 'My Account' tab 
        • Click on the 'View Organization Details' option 
        • Click on the 'View in TPM' link

        A new window will open, and may ask you to "Select an Identity Provider for Login." If so, click on the dropdown box and select the second option, ending in (For Suppliers). You may also be prompted to select a digital certificate. If so, simply click Cancel to continue.


        If you are not prompted to select an identity provider, the Organization Summary screen should appear right away.

        **IMPORTANT!** Using the browser's Back button can cause errors in the system, which may cause you to lose any changes you have made. Instead of using the browser navigation buttons, please utilize the 'Previous' and 'Next' links provided on the screen.

        To re-certify your profile, simply click through the screens with the 'Next' link provided in the top right-hand corner of the window, updating any information that is no longer valid. Any pages with red bulleted text at the top require some action from you.

        Please read these bulleted messages carefully and complete any requirements. Once you reach the last page (TPA), you may click the 'Close' link under 'Actions' on the left-hand side of the page.

      • How do I get a UserID for my Organization?

         a. Check if an Organization Admin exists for your organization.
            a1. If an Organization Administrator exists for your organization, you will need to contact them.

        b. If an Organization Administrator does not exist or the one assigned is no longer with company, you will need to complete an Authorization Change Request Form and submit the form to Exostar Customer Service.


      • How do I change the Administrator of my Organization?

         a. If your Organization already has an active Organization Administrator, they can create an Organization Administrator account for the new Organization Administrator or elevate an existing profile to be an Organization Administrator. If they have any questions, please refer them to the Administrator Companion Guide.

        b. If there is no active Organization Administrator, an Authorization Change Request Form will need to be completed. Once the form has been completed, please submit the form to Exostar Customer Service.


      • How do I get access to an Application?

         a. If you have already requested access to the application and it was accepted, you should see Open Application to the right of the application name in the Home tab of Exostar’s Managed Access Gateway. 

            a1. If you have requested access to the application and it was accepted, but it does not say “Open Application,” please wait 30 minutes and log back in to access the application. If it is still not available, please contact us at 703-793-7800 (US) or 0203 3007093 (UK).

        b. If your organization is subscribed but your access has not been approved, you will be able to Request Access from the Home tab in Exostar’s Managed Access Gateway.
            b1. If you have requested access but it has not been approved, your status will say “Pending Application Administrator Approval” with a link to the right to View Administrator(s). By clicking that link, you should be able to scroll down to find the administrator of that application in your organization who can approve you.

        c. If your Organization is not subscribed and the product is an Exostar product, any Organization Administrator within your organization can subscribe to the application. This process is detailed at the end of page 17 of the MAG Admininstration Companion Guide.


      • Why can’t I access this ForumPass link? (mostly FP5 Upgrade-related)

         a. Verify that your user been granted access by Site Owner and, if so, contact Exostar at 703-793-7800 (US) or 0203 3007093 (UK).

            a1. If the Site Owner is not known, please contact the individual who invited you to the page to request this information.


      • I am changing computers; how do I export my certificates from my old computer and import them into my new computer?

         Please review the Export/Import Guide for Federated Identity Service.


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