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  • Live Auction Support

    Exostar provides support during live auction events for Suppliers for the following situations:

    • Place Surrogate Bids - Exostar will place surrogate bid(s) on behalf of a Supplier who has trouble logging into the auction. Surrogate Bidding requires consent from the Supplier to have live auction bids recorded for documentation purposes
    • Delete Erraneous Bids - Exostar can delete a bid per request from a Supplier. Exostar will discuss the erroneous bid with the¬†Buyer before deleting the bid for the Supplier

    Important! In either of the above situations, Exostar may have to pause the auction and resume the auction when the situation is resolved.
    If you have questions regarding the auction setup or need clarification regarding an item or bidding rules, please contact the Buyer directly.

    During a live auction, if you need immediate assitance, contact our Auction Support Team at:
    +1 703-793-7788

    During non-live auction hours, you may also email our Auctions Support Team at auction@exostar.com with questions.