• Siemens Energy ADGT

  • Exostar provides the following services and applications to Siemens Energy and their trading partners:


    Managed Access Gateway (MAG) is used to manage Siemens Energy's suppliers that require access to Exostar products. 


    Supply Chain Platform (SCP-Energy) is used by suppliers to view and respond to planning schedules. There is also visibility to goods receipts, invoice status and long term forecasts. SCP-Energy allows suppliers to view and respond to orders and outline agreements. Suppliers can also create advance ship notices and invoices through SCP-Energy.


    ForumPass enables Siemens Energy and its partner organizations to work together in a shared internet-based workspace. ForumPass is built on the Microsoft SharePoint Platform and is most commonly used for project and workflow collaboration.


    ProcurePass is a web-based, self-service requisition-to-pay eProcurement tool that enables catalog and off-catalog purchasing of indirect goods and services from corporate suppliers.