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  • Secure Login to SCP

  • Add Proofing to a Token Login

    You should complete this process if you already have the token login process (HW OTP) set up, but you are being asked to add a 'proofing' security process. 

    If you work with multiple customers through Exostar, you might need to complete a proofing (or identity verification) in order to use your token login to access some applications through Exostar.   The proofing process for US users includes answering security questions to verify your identity.  International users must set up an appointment to complete a 'live video proofing' with their computer, a web camera and a conference call. 

    Note:  US users can also complete the live video proofing instead of answering the security questions.  

    Customers That Require the Additional 'Proofing' Step with an Existing Token Login 

    • Raytheon
    • Lockheed Martin P2P
    • BAE Systems
    • UK Ministry of Defence


    Instructions to Add Proofing to an Existing Token Login 

    See the Proofing Upgrade section of the OTP Token User Guide.

    Users Located in the US - watch a recorded demonstration

    Users Located Outside of the US- see details 

    There are seven steps to activate your phone login (more steps are required for non-US users). 

    • Login to Exostar with your user ID, password and token's access code
    • From the main page, go to the 'My Account - Manage OTP' tab and click the Upgrade button
    • Enter your contact information
    • Complete the proofing process:
    • US-located users can answer questions through an identity verification company called Experian.
    • Users located outside of the US are directed to schedule an appointment for live video proofing (US-located users also have this option by clicking 'I Disagree').
    • Once proofing is complete, the status on your credentials will change to 'Proofing Upgraded'

     If you have any questions, please contact Exostar Customer Support.