• Secure Login to SCP

  • Connect User Accounts

    You should complete this process if you have multiple user accounts for Exostar.  The account with the strongest security level should be used as the 'parent' or main account and then the other user accounts are tied into that main account.  For example, if you have multiple user accounts and one of them uses a token (or HW OTP) login, you should designate that account as the 'parent account'. 

     After you connect accounts together, you will only login using the credentials for the main account.  

    Click here for the recorded demonstration and user guide on how to connect user accounts.


    Use this table to determine which account has the highest security associated with it and therefore should be used as the parent account:

    Priority to Use as Parent

    Secure Login Process

    Customers Using this Process


    FIS - MLOA Hardware Token



    Token Login with Proofing

    Combination of

    Boeing AND…

    BAE, Raytheon or UK MOD


    Token Login



    Phone Login


    Lockheed Martin - P2P

    BAE Systems

    UK Ministry of Defence


    Basic Certificate

    *Rolls-Royce eTools

    * Subscribing to Rolls-Royce eTools will not give you access to any other SCP versions.  If you use SCP for other customers, you will still need to subscribe to RR eTools in addition to what is required for the other customer(s).