• Secure Share

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  • Secure Partner Collaboration via SharePoint

    Exostar's Secure Share enables organizations to work together in a secure, internet-based collaborative workspace. Designed for compliance driven business processes, Secure Share provides one of the most secure online collaboration platforms available. Important usability features - custom landing pages, site provisioning, and business process workflow - support speedy process enablement and promote successful adoption of the online collaboration space.

    Secure Share delivers community collaboration with multi-tiered access control, document encryption at-rest and in-transit, and real-time information exchange through secure WebEx meetings - all on a Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform.

    Exostar's on-boarding services for new companies and users, provides a proven deployment framework for both small and large collaboration communities. Our integrated identity management service, Secure Access Manager, provides proven high availability authentication and application access for users around the globe.

    Secure Share is positioned to support quick collaborative project team deployments as well as long term community sharing.