• Supply Chain Platform (SCP)

    Supply Chain Platform
  • Exostar's Supply Chain Platform (SCP) is a comprehensive, hosted solution that enables visibility of operations and supply chain activity. The solution provides a real-time, end-to-end picture of supply and demand performance with built-in decision support tools. Unlike traditional in-house applications, Exostar's Supply Chain Platform takes information from all participating organizations, making it easier to align supply chain execution with demand.

    Benefits of Supply Chain Platform

    • Decrease supply chain transaction times and effort
    • Improve accuracy of supply chain information
    • Provide status of invoices and shipments
    • Improve collaboration on demand forecasts
    • Proactively evaluate exceptions
    • Reduce potential shortages

    Supply Chain Platform - Multiple Hubs

    There are multiple versions (or 'hubs') being supported by Exostar for the Supply Chain Platform application. See the list below of customers and which hub they are currently using. To find out more details for a specific hub, click on an SCP link below.