• Rolls-Royce ProcurePass

  • Supplier Training

    The following options are available to help supplier users with training and support on ProcurePass.

    ProcurePass Online Help This online quick reference tool provides information on how to work in ProcurePass.  Using keyword searching, you can review a set
    of indexed topics.  The online help is available without logging in to ProcurePass. 
    Catalogue Manager Guide for Suppliers This training guide includes training on how to create and upload catalogues into ProcurePass, and how to enrich the content for your existing catalogues. 
    Catalogue Template for Suppliers This file is an example of the format that is required for uploading catalogues into ProcurePass.  You can use this file as a template to create
    your own catalogue upload file. 
    Recorded Demonstration - Upload Catalogues and Enrich Content This recorded training session covers how to create, upload and enrich catalogue content for supplier users. 

    Exostar Customer Support:

    Create an Online Support Case

    Call Exostar Customer Service

    Exostar hosts ProcurePass and provides user support on behalf of Rolls-Royce.  Use the links to create your own support case online or to contact Exostar directly by phone. 

    Still have questions?  Go to the ProcurePass Frequently Asked Questions.