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  • Rolls-Royce ProcurePass

  • ProcurePass is deployed globally across the entire Rolls-Royce enterprise as a web-based, self-service requisition-to-pay eProcurement tool that enables catalogue and off-catalogue ordering of indirect goods and services. Specifically configured for Rolls-Royce to maximize corporate deals with suppliers, ProcurePass provides checks and balances to ensure standard processes and approvals are being implemented on a day-to-day basis which increases efficiency and reduces costs.

    Benefits Realized:

    • Access a common automated solution for all indirect procurement requests
    • Reduce procurement cycle times and transaction costs
    • Improve spending visibility to assist with contract negotiations with suppliers
    • Track order status and history
    • Use a standardized method to interact with suppliers
    • Customize this enterprise solution down to the local business level
    • Enable spend, commodity and supplier business rules
    • Integrate with existing ERP and legacy systems
    • Store current and past procurement information with simple but powerful searching capabilities 

    Catalogue Manager

    The Catalogue Manager feature for ProcurePass improves the presentation of catalogue content and allows you to manage your content more efficiently.  This additional functionality includes standardized catalogue parameters, intuitive searching and purchasing, and prioritized contracted pricing.  Catalogue Manager enhances catalogue creation and publication, and provides more comprehensive search capabilities.

    Features include:

    • Easy and efficient catalogue purchasing
    • Familiar look and feel
    • Product support for complex categories and services
    • Customized order and product comparison
    • Localization and internationalization
    • Controllable catalogue views
    • Easy tracking of product and price changes

    Training Materials for Buyers - access training and support for working in ProcurePass and using the Catalogue Manager.