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    Java Script Errors

    When you login to Raytheon's Supply Chain Platform (RSCP), do you click on the login link from the email address: procurement@exostar.com and/or have the login page saved to your favorites? If so this could be causing the error.
    Once you have deleted the login page from your IE favorites, delete your temporary internet files, cookies and cache.  This can be accomplished under Tools > Internet Options, then selecting the options to Delete Browsing History (or Delete Files, Delete Cookies, etc).  While in the Internet Options window, also click on the Advanced tab and ensure that the ‘Use TLS 1.0’ option is UNCHECKED, then click Apply.
    After this is completed, close ALL internet browser windows, start a new session and in the address bar type www.myexostar.com then click on the ‘Exostar Login’ button in the top right corner.
    If the above does not work and you still experience the error message, at the top of your IE browser click on Tools> Internet options> Advanced tab and click on Restore Defaults.  Close all browsers and try again.  Hopefully this will resolve the issue.  You may also consider asking your internal IT department to compare your computer against our System Requirements.

    Email Alerts

    Will I get email alerts for items that I can't access?

    No. Email alerts are driven off of role permissibility. If a user has access to the collaboration and an event happens that generates an alert, they will get an alert. Users will not get alerts for items they do not have access to. Furthermore, for several of the email alert types there will only be one email sent for several different events when they fall within a certain time horizon.

    How frequently are the email alerts sent; for example, "N" times/day/user/type of alert? Or are these email alerts sent every time the selected "event" occurs?

    It varies depending on the category and the type of alert. If you have concerns about the frequency, please contact your Business Process Owner.

    Can a user subscribe for an email alert if a B2B transaction fails?





    Is there a process to delete an item out of the system? If so, how?

    Not via the user interface. This is done via B2B or spreadsheet uploads.

    Is it possible to find out the name of the user that viewed or acted upon a PO? 

    Yes. On the left navigation tree, go to Order Management --> Purchase Orders --> History.  Enter search criteria and then use the results to locate the latest changes.

    Does the View History table take you to the historical version of a document that was applicable for the listed action, or does it always just take you to the latest version?

    View History shows the history of who made changes and when, as well as the changed field plus old and new values. RSCP does not maintain older document versions because it is not document-based. RSCP is web-based using a database of information.

    Who is "broker_admin_user1" or "broker_admin_role0"?

    This user or role name represents action taken from a backend computer system.



    Do I have to wait for a goods receipt before I can create an Invoice?

    No. Once you have shipped the goods, you can create an Invoice.

    When I am looking for POs or PO lines to create an Invoice, I can set my search criteria to indicate a state. Is this state based on the PO header or the Line Item?

    The state of the line items.

    What is the difference between an Invoice and a Service Invoice?

    The rules for creating an Invoice and a Service Invoice are the same, except that a Service Invoice has some additional fields. In the Header section, there is the Invoice Start and End Dates. In the Line Item section, the Supplier can mark the line type as "Labor", "Misc Materials" or "Misc Travel." Also in the Line Item section are the required text fields for Activity Code, Location Code, and Source Document Ref.

    How do I create a Service Invoice with more than 20 PO lines?

    Use the Service Invoice --> Create menu in the navigation tree. For 20 or less PO lines, you can create a Service Invoice from the PO List or PO Details page.



    I am a Supplier who is brand new to RSCP. Previously I have delivered 20 items against an open PO that has a total of 100 items. How will this appear in RSCP? 

    Only the open items will be migrated into RSCP, so you will see 80 new items (100-20).


    Purchase Orders

    When are new orders uploaded into RSCP? For example, Orders are placed or pulled at 4:00 PM and then won’t reach the Supplier's inbox until 6:00 or 7:00 AM the next day. 

    This is determined by the Buyer's internal system and not RSCP, which loads Orders as soon as they are received. Talk with your Buyer if you are experiencing delays.

    As a Supplier, if I choose 'Acknowledge with Exception', does the original PO get processed, or does that PO have to be cancelled and a second PO created? 

    The PO will get processed. The PO does not need to be cancelled and recreated.

    Can a PO in the 'Acknowledge with Exceptions' state be moved to the 'Completed' state?

    No, only 'Accepted' POs can be moved to the 'Completed' state.

    As a Buyer, I am looking at a PO in the 'Acknowledge with Exceptions' state. Is there any way to easily tell what exceptions the Supplier entered?

    No. For 'Acknowledge with Exception' state, the normal practice is for Suppliers to enter the changes required in the 'Buyer Message' field.

    As a Buyer, I am looking at a PO in the 'Rejected' state. Is there any way to easily tell why the Supplier rejected the PO?

    Yes. For Rejected' POs, the normal practice is for the Supplier to enter the reason for rejecting the PO in the 'Buyer Message' field of the PO header.

    As a Supplier, I am looking at a PO in an 'Updated' state. Is there any way to easily tell what items were changed?

    Go to the PO Detail page for the order and click on the 'Full Print' button.  The data fields with a red asterisk next to them have been changed since the last time that you responded to the order (or since the original if you have not responded yet).  You can also click on the 'View History' button or link to see details on changes.  

    Will a Purchase Order Change wipe out data in the original Purchase Order? 

    If a POC is sent after a PO, the POC will update the existing PO only for which the new data is being sent. It will not wipe out the existing data in the PO, which will remain as it is.

    Does the system highlight changes for a Purchase Order change? 

    Yes. From the Purchase Order Details page, after you click View Order Details, the changes for some of the data fields are highlighted in yellow. To view all of the changes, use the 'Full Print' version or the 'View History' action.

    In what format are attached documents? 

    All documents maintain their original format when added as an attachment, including PDF files.

    Is it possible to delete an attachment? 


    Does viewing an attachment change the status of a PO or POC?


    As a Supplier, if I "Add Promise", does the system check to see if total quantity I entered for the 2 dates matches the original ordered quantity?


    After I accept a Purchase Order, why do I get a "No purchase orders found" message? 

    If you originally got to the PO by searching on a status of 'Processing', then you change that status by accepting the PO, the screen that comes up is looking for items that match the previous 'Processing' status. Since your PO no longer matches the status of your original search criteria, the system provides the message you see.

    I received a POC that cancelled one line item in the PO, but there are several other line items that I have not yet responded to. My problem is that I cannot act on the remaining line items because there is no 'Accept' button. Now what?

    As long as any line item in the view is in a state that does not allow it to be accepted, there will be no 'Accept' button displayed. You should use the 'State' drop-down menu and choose 'Processing', then click the 'Filter' button. Once the filter is applied, the 'Accept' button will appear.

    I am a Buyer who is talking on the phone with a Supplier. We are looking at the same PO. The Supplier says that she/he has just acted on the PO that we are both viewing. How do I refresh my screen to see this?

    You can refresh the screen by clicking the 'Filter' button.

    What is the difference between a PO and a Service PO?

    There is no difference between POs and Service POs, except that the Service PO is linked via a Create Service Invoice button to the Service Invoice, which has several additional fields as well as all of the regular Invoice fields.

    I just tried to respond to a PO, but received some error messages and the Header section of the PO has disappeared. What's happened?

    Because the system has to display error messages that take up room on the screen display, the system automatically collapses the Header section. To expand the Header section, click the [+] sign.




     Where is the 'Create ASN' button or link on the PO?

    ASN’ Was Renamed to ‘Shipment’ – the ASN workflow and all references to ‘ASN’ have been renamed to ‘Shipment’ throughout RSCP. 

    New Shipment Creation Process – the process to create a shipment notification and shipping labels in RSCP now includes the following steps:

    1.     Using the ‘Stocking Unit’ section - Create a stocking unit and stocking unit label, based on PO lines.  This includes serial and batch details.

    2.     Using the ‘Shipment’ section - Create a shipment notification and shipping label, based on the stocking units.

    3.     Send the shipment notification to Raytheon electronically through RSCP and attach the shipping labels to the shipment’s pack slip.


     How do I create a Stocking Unit?  Is it different from creating an ASN?


    You will need to create both – stocking units and then shipments.  The process to create the stocking unit is very similar to how you used to create an ASN (now called a shipment).  On the PO, you can select rows and click the ‘Create Stocking Unit’ button.  Or go to the ‘Create Stocking Unit’ workflow on the left navigation and select the PO and rows to be included.  AFTER you create the stocking unit, you will then need to create the shipment and select the stocking units to be included in the shipment. 

    Refer to training and help files on ‘Stocking Units’ and ‘Shipments’.


    What is 'Line Packed Qty' and how does it work?

    ‘Packed Qty’ – instead of the ‘Shipped Qty’ field on the ASN, there is now a ‘Packed Qty’ field per stocking unit line.  The ‘Packed Qty’ field must be filled in with a value greater than zero.  The value entered determines the number of serial numbers or the total batch quantity to be entered for that stocking unit line. The packed quantity that is entered on the stocking unit line carries over automatically to the shipment line as the ‘Shipped Qty’ and cannot be edited on the shipment.

    ‘Line Packed Qty’ – is on the order and is the sum of all the ‘Packed Qtys’ for the order line.  The ‘Line Packed Quantity’ cannot exceed the ‘Request Qty’ on the PO.

    Shipment Visibility on Orders – the ‘Line Packed Qty’ from the stocking units and the ‘Shipped Qty’ from the shipments are now displayed on the ‘Order Details’ tab of the purchase orders.



    Why can't I enter the 'Total Packages' anymore?  Or print multiple copies of the shipping label for my packages?


    ‘Total Units’ on Shipments – the ‘Total Packages’ data field was renamed to ‘Total Units’ on the shipments.  The value equals the number of stocking units that were included in the shipment and cannot be edited.  Note:  This field no longer determines the number of copies of the shipping labels – use the ‘number of copies’ feature for your printer if you need multiple copies.



    I am having trouble with the labels not printing correctly.


    There could be issues with the drivers and printing specifications on your printer.  For assistance with printing labels, please contact Raytheon at Raytheon_SCP@Raytheon.com.


    When creating a Shipment, can I enter an 'Estimated Deliver Date' that is earlier than today, the day the Shipment is being created?

    No, the deliver date must be today's date or a date in the future.

    For the Stocking Units, how do I know if I need to fill in the Serial or Batch data?

    Serial/Batch Designation on PO – a designation of ‘Serial’, ‘Batch’, ‘Serial and Batch’ or ‘None’ is now sent through on the purchase orders.  Depending on the designation used, there is now a pop-up table on the stocking units that will require information on serial numbers or batch IDs and quantities.

    On the ‘Create Stocking Unit’ form, click on the Serial No./Batches link to enter in the serial or batch information.  See below for the data requirements associated with each option.


    As you click on the serial or batch link in the form, a pop-up table is displayed.  Some of the columns will vary depending on the serial or batch designation from the PO. 

    If Serial/Batch designation from PO = ‘Batch’:

           The sum of the batch quantity for all rows in the pop-up table must equal the ‘Packed Qty’ value entered on the stocking unit

           There must be a ‘Batch Qty’ entered for every ‘Batch ID’

    If Serial/Batch designation from PO = ‘Serial’ or ‘Serial and Batch’:

           The number of rows of Serial Numbers entered in the pop-up table must equal the ‘Packed Qty’ value entered on the stocking unit

    If Serial/Batch designation from PO = ‘None’ (no entry):

           The packed quantity is not impacted by batch or serial information, and there is no access to the serial/batch pop-up table






    Can a receipt have more than one line? 


    Why can't I post a promise date change for a partially received schedule?

    Promise Dates are locked once a Receipt happens against it, be it partially or fully received.

    If a Supplier drop ships an item to a non-Raytheon location, how does the receipt get into RSCP?

    The Supplier should forward a copy of the packing slip/Proof of delivery to the Raytheon Buyer, who forwards it to Raytheon Receiving to create a "J" ID receipt. This is an ID with a "J" in the middle (ex. 123J01), that indicates the material is not on the dock at IADC. It is accomplished using the DSPR screen in AIMS/WINS. Also, the PO's are supposed to be set up by the Raytheon Buyer to indicate drop ship with a "777/dro" in the "del to" field.




    Under My Profile, will an Admin see all the other roles? 

    The Admin will see only roles assigned to her/him.

    Why would someone have multiple roles? Why wouldn't they just have the highest-level role?

    There is no highest-level role. You might have view capability for all sites and a capability to change data measures for two sites. You can do this only via switching roles.
    This is a performance issue. Roles are set up to allow quick and easy management of users. If a user has multiple roles and the system had to piece together the functionality from each role, it would dramatically slow down the system as it refined user functionality for each one of the thousands of users.

    What functionality can the different roles perform?

    A user with an administrator role can add or remove users in the Exostar sign-on tool (MAG) and the administrator can also assign or unassign roles to users in MAG and RSCP.  A user with a shipper role can create shipments but cannot respond to orders or create invoices.




    Where can I get support for RSCP? 

    There is a 'Help' link in the top right corner of all RSCP pages.  This link goes to a directory of help files based on category and topic.  For Exostar's customer service, go to www.myexostar.com/online-support.  On this page, you can create an online request that is sent to customer service.

    If the users have specific business-related questions, whom should they contact?

    They should first contact their Super User or Business Process Owner, who will escalate it further. 

    How can the transaction flow to and from RSCP be monitored?

    Super Users can access the Network Console which provides a complete overview of all transactions.

    What happens if a transaction runs into error?

    There is error monitoring by Exostar Customer Support.

    What if some users have not received a User ID or password?

    For missing User ID's, users should contact their Business Process Owner.


    User Interface

    Is there a difference between the Buyer view and the Supplier view of a page?

    In general, no. The view of the page will look identical, except that often a Supplier has action buttons that a Buyer does not have. For example, when viewing a Purchase Order, the PO Details page appears the same for both Buyer and Supplier, except that the Supplier has action buttons for Accept, Reject, Acknowledge with Exceptions, etc.

    Is there a way to jump to page "n" of a pagination set of multiple pages?

    Yes.  Enter the page number in the bottom left corer and then click the 'Jump' button.

    What time zone is used?

    The solution time-zone for all User Interface and system displays is UTC (Universal Time Coordinated), which is essentially the same as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

    Why is the creation date ahead by one day on my Shipment/Invoice document? 

    The system uses UTC (same as GMT), so if the transaction occurred late in the day on the U.S.A. west coast, it could register as the next date using UTC as the system's point of reference.

    I changed the Home page to something other than the original. Can I now change it back?

    Yes, you can go back to the original welcome page.

    Why don't the Navigation History Path names (bread crumbs) match the menu items?

    They match when the Navigation Path is going through a Search work flow. This allows the user to change or refine a search without restarting from the beginning. For other workflows, bread crumbs were not used because starting the task from the beginning should be simple.

    On the My Workspace page in the Problem Summary window, what are the columns for High, Medium and Low?

    These terms comply with a set of pre-defined business rules.

    What do I do when I click on a calendar icon to select a date and the calendar does not show up? 

    It is possible that your pop-up blocker software is stopping this. Another possibility is that you will need to clear your browser cache by deleting temporary internet file and cookies via MSIE browser's Tool } Internet Options.
    If you experience this issue frequently you might want to capture the reason for error by turning on the javascript reporting (go to Tools } Internet Options } Advanced tab, check Display a notification about every script error and UNCHECK 'Disable script debugging') and contact the Help Desk to reproduce the problem.