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  • Raytheon Identity Proofing Service

  • In order to successfully complete your proofing appointment, you must provide acceptable forms of identity and documentation, and an employment verification letter. Please note that your legal data has been provided to Raytheon and must match your legal documents.  You will need to ensure that the information in your Exostar Managed Access Gateway (MAG) account matches your identity documents that you intend to provide to the notary.  The name of your company listed in the email you received (Raytheon System Access:  Identity Proofing Steps via Exostar) MUST match the name of the company listed on your employment letter.

    • Legal First Name 
    • Legal Middle Name
    • Legal Last Name
    • Legal Suffix
    • Country Location
    • Name of Company
    • Business Phone
    If any of the information listed above does not match your legal documents and employment verification letter that you present to the notary during your proofing appointment, this will be considered a failed appointment.  If you fail proofing, you will be required to complete a new purchase and complete proofing again.  See what documentation is acceptable.