• Raytheon Identity Proofing Service

  • Exostar offers Identity Proofing Service (IDPS) to its partners. IDPS will enable partner companies to verify the identity of individuals to ensure they are a US Person. IDPS is a cloud based system that enables the individuals to purchase the product from Exostar's webstore before starting the verification process.

    Proofing Process Steps

    1. Purchase the Identity Proofing license key to initiate the process.

    2. Gather and review the required documents for proofing.

    3. Schedule your Identity Proofing appointment.

    4. If you are in the United States, you will be contacted by a notary to schedule a proofing appointment.

    5. Upon completion of proofing, you will be notified via email of the status.

    IMPORTANT: Any information that you submit to your notary or Exostar authorized Agent MUST match the legal documents that you will be providing at your Identity Proofing appointment.  Your Exostar Managed Access Gateway (MAG) user account must have been originally created for you and the user id should include your legal last name and first initial. The first and last name and suffix (if applicable) registered to your MAG account are also required to match your legal documents.   If any of the information does not match, you will fail your proofing appointment.  What do I need to do so I don't fail proofing?