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  • How Do I Register?

    To see detailed registration information, click on a specific application in the table below.

    General Registration Information:

    Managed Access Gateway (MAG) is Exostar's secure portal that provides access to applications.

    • If your organization already has a MAG account, any MAG user can request access to available applications under the ‘Home’ tab.
    • If the application does not appear under the ‘Home’ tab in MAG, it needs to be approved by Exostar and/or Raytheon (depending on the application) and then it will be available.
    • A MAG administrator for your organization can approve the access request.
    • To see a list of your MAG administrators, click the ‘My Account’ tab, and then click the ‘View Organization Details’ sub-tab.

    Applications - Raytheon


     Supply Chain Platform – Raytheon (RSCP)

     Raytheon Supplier Portal (RTN Portal)