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  • ProviderPass 

    ProviderPass is a solution that enables Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors to support Electronic Prescribing Controlled Substances (EPCS) within their e-Prescribing platform.  ProviderPass is used by several EHR vendors as part of their DEA compliant EPCS solutions.  ProviderPass combines our Identity Proofing solutions with two-factor authentication (One Time Password Hardware Token [OTP] or Exostar Mobile ID) and digital signature technology to safely prescribe controlled substances and fight drug diversion.  

    ProviderPass seamlessly enables EPCS by combining all critical components and associated business processes including:  

    • OTP Hardware Token purchasing, shipping and management
    • Exostar Mobile ID (powered by Authy™) purchasing and management
    • Multiple options for conducting identity proofing of the healthcare provider
    • Strong authentication of the provider when prescribing controlled substances
    • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Digital Signatures
    ProviderPass also allows technical and commercial flexibility.  The service uses industry standards and protocols which is delivered through a single cloud-based integration.

    Commonly Asked Questions

    My company does not have EPCS enabled.  How do we learn more about ProviderPass?

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