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  • Managed Access Gateway (MAG)

  • Using Sponsor Codes

    A user may receive sponsor codes via:

    • Email/other notification from project partner*;
    • Organization administrator/application administrator; OR
    • Exostar

    Sponsor Codes are used to indicate why a user needs access to an application. This is NOT required information. If you did not receive the sponsor code via any of the channels above, you are not required to enter this information. If you have additional questions regarding sponsor codes, contact Exostar Customer Support with the following information in the description field:

    • Application you wish to subscribe;
    • Project partner information

    * Project partner refers to the organization that requires you to get access to the application. This could be your own organization as well. For example, you may need access to FIS MLOA Hardware certificates for NGC OASISĀ or a Rolls-Royce Global Supplier Portal project.