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  • Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS)

  • Obtain access to SCP-NNS and Information Manager-HII

    If your organization does not have access to the applications:

    • Contact the HII-NNS Exostar Administrator to be invited to the applications:
      -or- Exostar@hii-nns.com
    • Once you have been invited by NNS, you will receive an email with additional instructions on how to proceed.

    If your organization already has access to the applications:

    • Log in to your MAG account, click the ‘Home’ tab, and then click the ‘Request Access’ links located next to ‘Supply Chain Platform – NNS’ and ‘Information Manager-HII’.
    • After you submit your requests, a MAG administrator for your organization (with administration privileges) needs to authorize your requests.
    • After your requests are authorized, you should have access to the applications within 20 minutes.