• ForumPass

  • Online Training

    Exostar provides several webinars designed to familiarize yourself with how to maximize your use of the ForumPass tool.

    ForumPass 6 Familiarization

    This course is a 90-minute lecture-style webinar that demonstrates first-time login and how to navigate to project sites. We will step through the basics of file sharing, including:

    • Folder Creation
    • How to Upload and Download Documents
    • Creating System Alerts
    • Using Check-Out/Check-In
    • Versioning
    • Document Workflow (Routing for Notifications, Approvals, etc.) Tasks
    • Discussion Boards
    • How to Access WebEx Meeting Functionality

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    View the Familiarization PowerPoint and accompanying Participant Workbook

    ForumPass 6 Site Creator/Owner Orientation

    This course is a 90-minute lecture style webinar designed to review basic ForumPass 6 features and to provide instructions on how to create and manage project sites. By attending this webinar, you will learn best practices on how to organize, create and manage your projects sites, including:

    • Importance of Planning
    • Site Structures
    • Creating Sites
    • Site Features and Changing Site Details
    • Site Personalization, Look and Feel
    • List and Library Settings
    • How to Add Users and Contents
    • People, Groups and Permissions

    NOTE: You must first attend the 'ForumPass 6 Familiarization' training before attending the 'Project Leader Orientation' course.  The ForumPass 6 Familiarization training is a prerequisite for this course. 

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    View the Site Creator PowerPoint and accompanying Participant Workbook.