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  • Department of Defense (DOD)

  • Exostar provides the following services and applications to The Department of Defense and their trading partners:

    Common Access Cards(CAC)

    DOD users who wish to leverage their Common Access Cards (CAC) to access the Boeing Supplier Portal or other applications, can register their CAC with Exostar by visiting the DoD Common Access Card(CAC) area on MyExostar.  


    DOD Users who need to access ForumPass should visit ForumPass-Get Started to find out how to register with ForumPass. Your CAC can be used to access ForumPass, following the registration process documented above.

    Other DOD System Access

    DOD Trading Partners or other individuals who need to access DOD systems can purchase certificates through the Exostar Webstore. The Federated Identity Service(FIS) provides certificates that comply with U.S. Federal Government standards.  Our Medium Level of Assurance certificates on hardware tokens are trusted by the DOD, and can be used to access any DOD application..

    More Information

    For more information on our Federated Identity Service(FIS) solution please visit: Federated Identity Service(FIS) on the MyExostar site.