• 3rd-Party Credentials (CAC, PIV, NGC OneBagde)

  • How to link your 3rd-Party Credential to your MAG account


    Follow the steps below to complete account linking:

    • Login to your MAG account via https://portal.exostar.com
    • Go to My Account tab and select Edit Profile sub-tab.
    • Make sure that your card is in the card reader.
    • Scroll down to the Additional Login Options. 
    (Contact Exostar Customer Support if you do not see Additional Login Options section at the bottom of the Edit Profile screen or you are currently unable to link your MAG account to your 3rd-Party Credential card. )

    Additional Login Options

    Click on the Associate your hardware/software certificate (not Exostar FIS Certificates) with your MAG account link.


    User Certificate

    Click OK. Your updated Profile will be presented. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to view your card information.


    CAC Information