• 3rd-Party Credentials (CAC, PIV, NGC OneBadge)

  • A Third-Party Credential (CAC, PIV, NGC OneBadge) is a smart card issued by the United States Department of Defense, NASA, or Northrup Grumman as a standard identification. It is also used for physical access to buildings, controlled spaces, and to gain access to computer networks and systems.

    Exostar now accepts Third-Party Credentials as an acceptable digital credential to access applications and services behind its Managed Access Gateway (MAG) portal.   


    Who can use a Third-Party Credential to gain access to MAG?

    Only users that are 'invited' by application owners to use 3rd-Party Credentials will be able to use these credential types to access applications via MAG portal. 


    How do I register to use a Third-Party Credential to access Exostar?

    If you are required to use your 3rd-Party Credential to access applications via MAG, you will receive a special invitation email from the application owner.   


    I have received the special invitation email. Where can I get more information?

    MAG Third-Party Credential User Guide provides detailed information on how to complete your registration. It also provides detailed information on additional tasks and error messages that you may encounter.