• 3rd-Party Credentials (CAC, PIV, NGC OneBadge)

  • A 3rd-Party Credential (CAC, PIV, NGC OneBadge) is a smart card issued by the United States Department of Defense, NASA, or Northrup Grumman as a standard identification. It is also used for physical access to buildings, controlled spaces, and to gain access to computer networks and systems.


    Exostar now accepts 3rd-Party Credentials as an acceptable digital credential to access applications and services behind its Managed Access Gateway (MAG) portal.  


    Who can use a 3rd-Party Credential to gain access to MAG?

    Only users that are 'invited' by application owners to use 3rd-Party Credentials will be able to use these credential types to access applications via MAG portal.


    How do I register to use a 3rd-Party Credential to access Exostar?

    If you are required to use your 3rd-Party Credential to access applications via MAG, you will receive a special invitation email from the application owner.


    I have received the special invitation email. Where can I get more information?

    MAG 3rd Party Credential User Guide provides detailed information on how to complete your registration. It also provides detailed information on additional tasks and error messages that you may encounter.

    The 3rd Party Credential Linking Demonstration provides a visual, narrated walk-through of the linking process.