• The Boeing Company

  • Supply Chain Platform 787 (SCMP) - Registration


    If your organization does not have an SCMP account:

    • Click here to submit an SCMP account registration request for your organization.
    • Once received, your registration will be processed by Exostar within 5 business days.

    If your organization has an SCMP account, but you do not have an SCMP User ID:

    • Your SCMP account administrator will need to go here to submit a help ticket to Exostar Customer Service.
    • To avoid delays, the help ticket should include your name, email address, phone number, your administrator’s SCMP User ID, and the SCMP role you require.


    • A contractual relationship with Boeing must exist prior to receiving any orders from Boeing.
    • An Exostar OTP Hardware Token is required to access Supply Chain Platform.