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  • Boeing Supply Chain Platform (BSCP)

  • As of July 2014, most of the Boeing business unit(s) are using the new Boeing - Supply Chain Platform (BSCP), hosted by Exostar.   


    Note:  PO’s for 787 Final Assembly LC (628) and the Boeing South Carolina Logistical Companies (629, 637, 638) will continue to use 787 Supply Chain Management Platform (SCMP).     


    Click on a link below to watch a recorded demonstration.  This training covers what has changed on the new application.

    Some of the benefits and changes in BSCP include:  

    • No longer a POC queue – order changes post when received from Boeing. 
    • BSCP offers an end-to-end view of the order cycle – from order to shipment to invoice. 
    • Order responses no longer include date and quantity entries – they can be added to the ‘Comments’ for the order. 
    • The print process and formats have changed – see help files in BSCP or training info. 
    • Most responses are automatically sent, eliminating the need for a ‘Send’ button.  


    Which types of documents were moved over to the new BSCP?

    • Active orders that were in a ‘New’, ‘Processing’, ‘Accepted’ or ‘Acknowledge with Exceptions’ state in the old system.  
    • Shipments and invoices created in GSCP were NOT migrated.  They remain available in the old system in read-only format. 
    • Any new responses and documents should be created in BSCP. 

    To access BSCP, follow the same login process and use the same user ID and password.