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  • Supply Chain Platform - Boeing 787 SCMP

  • Upgrade Release – Version 16.1

    Release Date:  July 29, 2016


    Boeing’s 787 SCMP application was updated to Version 16.1, with a new user interface and several feature enhancements.  The overall appearance was improved, but the steps to complete your supply chain transactions have not changed. 

    There are no changes to the login process or your login credentials.  None of your 787 SCMP transaction data has changed.   

     Here are some of the feature enhancements in the upgraded version of 787 SCMP:

    •  Improved support of browser versions (if you are experiencing issues accessing the application, click here)
    •  Easier navigation – ‘jump’ to a page, records per page etc.
    •  Auto refresh of the ‘Status’ when printing
    •  Shipments – duplicate lines, create ‘draft’ versions
    •  Planning Schedules and Inventory – filter for existing data only
    •  Data field and status name changes
    • Boeing can transition POs and Reverse Logistic POs to a ‘Closed’ state

    See the attached Release Notes for more details on what has changed in Version 16.1.


    You can also watch this Recorded Demonstration to see examples of the changes.


    If you have any questions, please contact Exostar support at www.myexostar.com/online-support.