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  • Supply Chain Platform - Boeing 787 SCMP

  • Login Procedures for 787 SCMP

    In order to access Boeing 787 SCMP, you will need to login to Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG) using a new User ID and Password.  The new login credentials will be emailed to you when you are registered by Boeing.  You will need to complete a 'first time login process' for MAG.  Instructions on how to complete this process are available below. 

    Once you are logged into MAG, you can then select to 'open application' for 787 SCMP.  This will take you to the 787 SCMP application in a separate window on your computer. 


    If you already have a MAG user account, you will still receive a new (or existing) User ID and Password that needs to be used for 787 SCMP access.  However, you can link two or more MAG accounts together as one 'parent' account and one or more 'child' accounts.  After they are linked, you would log in using the credentials for the parent account and then select to access any of the linked accounts. After you select to access one MAG account, you can open any of the applications associated with that account. 

    See the instructions below for more information on how to link together multiple MAG accounts. 

    First Time Login Process


    The process to log into MAG the first time requires a few extra steps (i.e. to set up your own password).  You will need the login credentials that were sent to you by email. 

    Quick Reference Guide

    Recorded Demo

    Linked MAG Accounts


    Linking together multiple MAG accounts allows you to use only one User ID and Password to access all of your MAG accounts.

    Recorded Demo and Quick Reference Guide

    Frequently Asked Questions  
    See responses to frequently asked questions related to the new login process for 787 SCMP.  Frequently Asked Questions


    If you need assistance, create an online support case.  Or you can contact Exostar Customer Service.