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  • Exostar Billing and Support Center

  • Exostar Billing & Support Center Overview


     The Exostar Billing & Support Center is available to our customers to perform the following:

    • Invoices: Retrieve invoices and/or pay online by credit card
    • Support: Log new or view existing support cases
    • Phone-Based OTP Licenses: Manage and report on phone-based OTP licenses
    • OTP Hardware Renewals: Renew OTP Hardware subscriptions
    • SCP Address Book: Add or edit SCP addresses for Buyer reports
    • SCP Billing Contacts: Add or manage additional billing contacts to receive your company’s SCP invoices
    • SCP Transaction History: View transaction history for all SCP platforms


    Each user has an individual account with the Billing & Support Center.  Organization administrations will also have access to their organization’s account for managing organizational level subscriptions and activities.  Click here for a quick reference guide on how to use the Billing and Support Center.   


    Accessing the Billing & Support Center

    Managed Access Gateway (MAG) Users:

    Click here to use your current Managed Access Gateway (MAG) credentials to access the Billing and Support Center.  You will be redirected automatically.  Administrators will be prompted to enter the Organization account or their individual user account.

    Non-Managed Access Gateway (MAG) Users:

    If you are the billing contact for an individual or organization subscription and do NOT have login credentials (through MAG) you should have received an email with a website address and login credentials which will provide direct access to the Billing and Support Center. 

    For assistance with login:

    If you do not have access to the accounts you are trying to remit payment for, please click here to  submit a support case.  Please include the invoice number where possible.