• Bell Helicopter

  • How Do I Register?

    There are three steps to register.  Click on each step in the table at the bottom of this page to see more details.

    General Registration Information:

    Managed Access Gateway (MAG) is Exostar's secure portal that provides access to applications.

    • To obtain access to Sell2Bell, you will need to register for MAG, apply for access to Exostar’s Federated Identity Service (FIS), and then download a certificate.
    • If your organization already has a MAG account, then you should be able to obtain access to FIS via the existing account. Any MAG user can request access to available applications under the ‘Home’ tab.
    • If your organization has never been granted access to FIS, then it will not appear under the ‘Home’ tab in MAG. In such cases, one of your MAG organization administrators will first need to apply for FIS.
    • If your organization was previously granted access to FIS, an FIS administrator under your organization’s MAG account can approve your access.
    • To see who your MAG administrators are, click the ‘My Account’ tab, and then click the ‘View Organization Details’ sub-tab.

    How to Access the Sell2Bell Portal

    Before You Begin

    Register for MAG

    Apply for FIS and Download your Certificates